Tabaco City Bus Stop

LCC Mall in the background. Its slogan “At home kita digdi” fits the bus stop for some people.


Tabaco City Supermarket

the center of the city of love is never a lonely place, the heart is

Old Woman by the Window

contemplating about bills, death, and love, perhaps

Man in the Bridge

Brgy. San Roque bridge


Mother and Child

Tabaco City -- City of Love

The utopian dream

Children International

We were children once. We can always be children if we can understand that we are not the body.

San Lorenzo, Tabaco City


Tabaco City is My Shinjuku

Tattooed woman in front of Tabaco City Supermarket. Rainy night around 11

Tabaco National High School

We were high school once, but we are always children at heart. You are Peter Pan because the soul never grows old. It’s just the body that dies.

Panal, Tabaco City

Albay Rising

Albay Rising they say so. But my head to the ground to people who think that real progress isn’t economic